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Affiliates world launches in the Mexican market with a leading team of online gaming experts dedicated to your needs. Our program compromises to our partners offering gold standard brands and treatment. We will be your best affiliate allay providing a long lasting opportunity to profit from our commission plans. Lets grow together!

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Affiliates World proudly introduces Winpot. A leading Mexican company in the entertainment industry. Opening their first physical casino in 2006 now gathers 17 casinos throughout the Mexican Republic, which stand out for having the most modern technology of electronic machines, Sports Book, live gaming tables, services of food, drinks and much more. Now, Winpot.mx debutes in the online industry opening their doors for Casino and Sports book players offering an extended market selection alongside some of the most recognized service providers within the industry.


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What is an affiliate program?

It is an opportunity to monetize your audience. Promote our products on your website or any other source of traffic and receive a commission for each person who signs up and deposits using your affiliate link.

How to become an affiliate?

Just hit the sign-up button. Once the request is sent, our team has 24 hours to approve the account.

Does being an affiliate have any cost?

No, being an affiliate does not have any type of cost or fee.

Can I be an affiliate without having a website?

It is not necessary to have a website. You can also be an affiliate using social media platforms or marketing mail.

Can I join other affiliate programs while working with Affiliates World?

There are no restrictions on the number of affiliate programs you can join. However, to ensure you get the best results, it is recommended that you make sure that any shows you join are legitimate and relevant to your audience.

How can I know how much my players have generated?

Our platform will be updated every 24 hours. In this way, when generating a report, you will be able to see the most recent and updated information reflected.

What happens in the event of a chargeback?

This refers to when a bank reimburses a customer for an item on their credit card statement. Unfortunately, some players take advantage of this and claim their money after depositing it at the casino. Although we do our best to prevent this abuse from occurring, there are some occasions when it does happen, and in these cases, the amount will be deducted from the member's income.

What marketing tools does Winpot offer?

Within your affiliate portal you can find banners and graphics. Just as you can request specific material with your affiliate manager.

Do I have to have a minimum balance to request a payment?

Yes, the minimum amount required to request a payment is 200 dollars.

Can I be an affiliate even if I don’t live in Mexico?

Yes, we work with affiliates from all over the world as long as they have Mexican audience within their community.

Is there any benefit if I bring affiliates?

Our affiliates can refer our program to people who potentially want to join. When referring a person, the affiliate will add 2.5% of the net earnings generated by their subaffiliates to their commissions.

What happens if I no longer want to be an affiliate?

Being earnings from commissions, you do not have a contractual responsibility to stay in the program. Therefore, you are free to stop working with us without repercussions.